The Best Sun Lotion

The Best Sun Lotion Supergoop Defense Mist

I’ve learned to accept that I have never been, nor will I ever be, naturally tan.  My German and Irish skin just doesn’t achieve a bronzed, golden glow from spending time in the sun.

So instead of fighting nature (and increasing the risk of wrinkles, and more importantly, skin cancer), I use self tanner and generally cover up in the summer.  But repeatedly reapplying sun lotion can be frustrating, especially on your face when you’re out for an entire day – do you reapply sunblock over your makeup?  Do you touch up your make up after reapplying sun lotion?  No solution is ideal.

But then I discovered Supergoop Defense Refresh Setting Mist.  It is an SPF 50 spray with rosemary that you spray on after you do your makeup.  It has a pleasant cooling effect and also sets your make up.  I carry a small bottle of it in my purse and reapply every hour or two throughout the day.  I find that my make up actually looks remarkably good after a full hot day, and I am reassured that I am protecting my skin.



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