Neulash Review - Read about my experience using Neulash and how completely transformed my eyelashes and made getting ready a breeze!

I jumped on the Neulash bandwagon, and I am so happy I did.  I certainly don’t have time to maintain eyelash extensions but can fit in a swipe of Neulash once or twice a day when I remember.  Longer, fuller lashes mean I look a bit more put together even when not wearing make-up (read, most weekends), and the impact when I actually take the time to curl my lashes and wear mascara is worthwhile.  While Neulash is the only eyelash serum I’ve tried, I am happy to share that I had no side effects, which was of particular concern to me given that I have light blue eyes!  If you haven’t tried Neulash yet, I highly recommend you do.



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