The Perfect Nail Shape

Perfect Nail Shape

For the vast majority of my adult life, I’ve kept my nails natural, short and square.  I always have a manicure, but I prefer for my nails to not be conversation starters.  As I posted about here and here, I paint my own nails and always stick with a pale pink on my fingers and a bright red or deep burgundy (depending on the season) for my toes (and if the mood strikes, on my fingernails, but the upkeep is a deterrent for me).

Keeping my nails simple means it is easier for me to care for and maintain them, which means my routine is sustainable.  Working in an office with older men also means that I try to keep my style and aesthetics below everyone’s radar to avoid awkward questions and interactions.

Recently, I’ve tweaked my nail routine and adopted a new-t0-me nail shape – an oval (great article about different nail shapes here).  I was initially inspired to try out this change by Annie Atkinson of She’s in the Glow (post on her here), who is my inspiration for all things natural, clean and European.

Not only did the shape completely change the look of my hands, but it just worked for me.  It is a bit more traditional and adds a certain level of feminine polish to my otherwise fairly minimal work aesthetic.

On top of it all, I used to constantly battle my nails breaking on the corners necessitating a shorter style.  But with my new oval style, I am able to grow my nails longer than I ever was able to when I was wearing them squared off.  Of course, not being a fan of long nails, I am still keeping them quite short and manicured, but this little change has made a much bigger impact.  Sometimes it is those small tweaks that can really elevate a style or look.  Perfect Nail Shape


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