Blogger Spotlight // Lemon Stripes

I love reading blogs.  And I have for a long, long time.  I joke with N that he follows sports, and I follow blogs.

I enjoy blogs because my work is quite technical, and popping into a couple of blogs is such a nice respite.  And despite being devoted to my career and professional development, I also love aesthetics, beauty and style.

So I thought it would be fun to feature blogs that I particularly enjoy.  My criteria for a blog is this:

  1. must be well written (free from grammatical and spelling errors),
  2. be consistently full of fresh content, and
  3. possibly most importantly, appeal to my aesthetic.

Without further ado, the first blog I will feature is Lemon Stripes.  Julia embodies a New England-sensibility in Connecticut, is pregnant with her first child (cheers for a girl), and cultivates a traditional-preppy aesthetic that I enjoy.  She consistently produces fresh, varied content, is friendly and responsive, is health conscious (bonus points for an actual background in integrative nutrition), and is self aware as she navigates pregnancy and her 30’s.  I look forward to her journey to become a mother, decorate her house, and find her place in CT.



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