District Bound

I lived in DC during law school and while I finished my MBA before N and I moved to Manhattan for his residency.  I’ve been back exactly three times since we moved.  Three.  It is difficult to believe that after living there for so long, we simply packed up and left without really looking back.  This weekend we are heading back to visit some of our (mostly, N’s to be honest – he was there for almost twice as long as I was) old haunts and attending a friend’s wedding in Chesapeake Bay.  We land around 6pm on Friday which should give us just about enough time to drop our bags at the hotel and make it to Clyde’s for dinner (I’ve been told this is non-negotiable).  We will be catching up with a ton of N’s college and med school friends who are all flying in for the wedding, so I’m sure we will be up and down Wisconsin and M Street.  Unfortunately, I think we’ve missed the cherry blossoms (which I missed every year when we lived in DC because I was studying).  I’m having to dig out some of my warmer clothes for the trip and am using these pictures as inspiration – my goals are comfort, warmth and a little bit of style.


image / image / image


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