Home Scents

Home Scents

Do you ever walk in to a friend’s home or a store and instantly fall in love with the home scents or aroma of the room?  It happens to me often, and I generally end up asking around (a host or manager) about the brand and scent.  A welcoming scent elevates every experience (like walking into your favourite spa or a luxurious boutique) and is such a memory trigger for me, that I am frequently taken down memory lane simply by walking into a new space.

With our house slowly coming together (everyone takes a year to fully-move in, right?), I’ve been thinking about what home scents complement my design aesthetic and would welcome visitors into our home.  Like pretty much every other 30-something, I love Diptyque candles (Baies, Roses and Figuier are my favourite), but with fearless toddlers roaming through my house, I am terrified of lit candles.  Of course, the Diptyque candles do release some scent unlit, but there is really no comparison.  So I’ve been exploring other (flameless) home scents options.

Diptyque has a product called “Scented Ovals.”  They look like bars of soap on a string that you can hang discretely to achieve the same delicious aroma without the danger of candles.  Scented Ovals are a good alternative to lighting candles, but I’ve found that the scent they release, while lovely, pales in comparison to their lit counterparts.

Another product I discovered recently is the Nest Liquidless Diffuser. They are literally sticks that smell divine (my favourite is Moroccan Amber).  Two benefits of this product over regular liquid diffusers are that you don’t have to flip the diffuser sticks periodically, and a three-year old won’t mistake the liquid for finger paint or juice (am I alone in these fears?).  I do love the Nest fragrances and purchased some regular diffusers to put on high shelves near our foyer, but I have the Liquidless Diffusers in each bathroom, my closet and my office.




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