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Although I don’t have afternoons or evenings available for leisurely parsing through books, I do spend at least 40 minutes per day commuting and an immeasurable amount of time doing other mindless tasks (tidying up toys, folding laundry, etc.).  And I make use of that time by listening to audiobooks.  Many of my friends are hooked on podcasts, and I would like to add some to my list, but quite honestly, my “reading” list is so long, I don’t know when I’ll get to podcasts.  Below are some books I’ve recently enjoyed.  I highly recommend The Rules of Civility, All the Light We Cannot See and The Last Days of Night (especially interesting for anyone in the power business).  I’ve linked the NYTimes reviews which provide a far more succinct review of each book than I could compose.

A Gentleman in Moscow 

The Rules of Civility

The Princes of Ireland

The Last Days of Night

All the Light We Cannot See


Brideshead Revisited


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