5 Apps Every Mama Needs

5 Apps Every Mama Needs Amazon Hulu Plus Netflix Google Photos Play Walgreens 1

  1. Amazon Prime // I debated getting Amazon Prime (pre-kids) for about 30 seconds, and deciding to renew each year takes a fraction of that time.  The ability to order Desitin, a new iPhone charger, nail polish, a Puddle Jumper, and the list goes on and on, at the moment I realize our need, and from my phone no less, is invaluable.
  2. Hulu Plus / Netflix // No explanation needed.  Endless episodes of Sesame Street and my favorite shows at my finger tips is a mother’s best friend.
  3. Play Music // The toddler radio is the best.  It saves me from having to sing our current favorite, The Wheels on the Bus, for the 887th time, and has good variety.  Bonus points for great running music!
  4. Google Photo // I’m obviously biased towards anything Google because of my own special Googler (my sister), but even if I wasn’t, I would sing the praises of Google Photo.  Unlimited cloud backup for my pictures?  Yes, please!  Tip – make sure to turn on Background App Refresh which allows Google Photos to update even when you navigate away from the app.
  5. Walgreens // Every mother takes an unreasonable number of pictures of their children.  And even though my pics are protected in the cloud with Google Photo, it is so nice to have some hard copies to stick on the fridge or include with thank you cards.  It is ridiculously easy to upload your snaps to Walgreens and order prints.  There are always promos, making prints very reasonable.

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  1. Amy V. June 12, 2016 / 8:24 pm

    All great apps! I need to check out Play Music.

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