Double-duty Diaper Bag

Longhcamps Le Pliage Diaper BagWhile I have not carried a true diaper bag in some time, I recall what a challenge it was to find a diaper bag that was (a) affordable and (b) me.  I am not into bright colours, complicated/juvenile designs or the utility look, and so many that I considered were any or all of the above.  In typical fashion, I ordered a ton of diaper bags but ended up returning every single one.  Instead, I just used a Longchamps Le Pliage tote, a carabiner clip (to attach the bag to my stroller) and an insert to organize the contents of the bag.  This worked remarkably well because I felt like myself since I was carrying the same tote I carried for years, it was light, and I was able to easily transition from mama- to work-mode.  The only real downside was that I wished that it had a cross-body strap to put over the stroller.

While searching for a diaper bag for a certain special someone who shall remain nameless, lo and behold I came across the exact Longchamps Le Pliage tote I’d searched for when I was immersed in my diaper bag dilemma of 2014-2015!  Although I personally am not currently looking for diaper bag options, this would be perfect for someone looking for something low-key that can be used for many years.



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