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Philanthropy Giving Back Live to Better the Lives of Others


I try to maintain a delicate balance in my life among family (first, always), friends, career, exercise, and philanthropy.  Philanthropy is important, but it is at the end of a list full of other very important aspects of my life.  While I tried to volunteer here and there as opportunities arose, I found that the most effective way for me to consistently make philanthropy a part of my life is to engage in organizations that absolutely require (demand?) certain levels of participation.  This may sound overly formalistic and somewhat harsh, but without strict requirements, almost every optional activity in my life bows (most of the time, rightfully so) to family obligations.  This is where Junior League comes in.  I’m only in my third year, andI really, really enjoy it!  I’ve met a wonderful (and very accomplished) group of women, and I am volunteer – two of my goals when we moved to Houston.  If you’re interested in making wonderful friends and volunteering, I highly recommend the Junior League, and if you haven’t yet, I suggest you check out the Junior League House which is gorgeous and serves delicious food!





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