Helping Victims of Hurricane Harvey

Help Victims Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey ravaged Houston for the past week, and although the rain has stopped, the end is nowhere near.  Many Houstonians lost everything – literally every single thing that they owned.  It is almost impossible to comprehend that, but unfortunately, it is what happened.

But in the midst of devastating tragedy, people banded together.

Children were air lifted from roofs, families were collected in kayaks, and babies were floated on air mattresses down flooded streets.  Facebook was a very actively-used medium of communication during the tragedy, and the emotion and desperation in so many of the posts begging for rescue was absolutely gut-wrenching.  In response to terrified pleas on Facebook for rescue when the water engulfed their homes, strangers with boats and large trucks took it upon themselves to step up and help.  I’m not sure whether it is the fact that people so close to my home were in such a terrifying position or the generosity of the first responders, but I cannot help but tear up when I think of those immensely stressful days.

And now that the emergent danger has abated, people are again working together for the greater good of our city.  Since we are still displaced ourselves (miraculously our house was not damaged), I am not  going to run through an exhaustive list of volunteer/donation opportunities, but rather link to some wonderful (and amazingly thorough, especially considering the circumstances) Houston-based resources if you feel the need to contribute.

I hope you  never have to endure what Houston lived through the past five days.

Veronika from Veronika’s Blushing very thoroughly summarized how to help victims of Hurricane Harvey here.  And she also posted the direct link here to donate directly to the Texas Diaper Bank via Amazon (what mum doesn’t have her credit card linked to her Amazon Prime account?!?).

Caroline from House of Harper also published a very thorough list of volunteer and donation opportunities here.

And Brittany of Hello Honey did the same here.

Megan from Willow Crowns is donating all proceeds from this Texas Has Heart clip set to the cause.

Biscuit Home is donating bedding to a family in need every time this picture is regram of this picture – do it now!

Sugar & Cloth is hosting a drive on August 31, 2017 to gather the supplies that are so desperately needed.


Finally, not Houston-based, but a great summary of how some Fortune 500 companies are contributing can be found here.




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