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We’ve lived in Houston for just over two years, which means we are new enough to still be excited to try Houston staples but have been here long enough that we are really drilling down to the awesome restaurants that deserve revisiting time and time again.  Although I’m not a big cook or baker, brunch is the meal where I feel I can excel – champagne, lots of fresh fruit, waffles, whipped cream, maybe some french toast bake … I’ve got it covered.  So we rarely go out for brunch.  But below is a list of Houston brunches that warrant forgoing the home-cooked option and splurging for a delicious experience:

  1. Brennan’s: make a reservation; get the Shrimp and Grits; a bit fancier/more expensive (think Mom’s birthday brunch).
  2. Backstreet Cafe: lovely patio if the weather permits; get the Brioche French Toast; casual and kid-friendly.
  3. Tiny Boxwoods: no reservations (get there early); everything on the menu is delicious (but definitely get the mint lemonade and about 5 chocolate chip cookies, they’re the best); everyone says Tiny Boxwoods is kid-friendly, perhaps because there is outdoor seating, but my kids always misbehave there!
  4. Tiny’s No. 5: West U location of Tiny Boxwoods; don’t miss out on the attached shop.
  5. Ouisie’s Table: lovely, traditional brunch; a bit fancier/more expensive (we did E’s baptism brunch here).
  6. Barnaby’s Cafe: multiple locations (we favor the Woodway location after playing in the Tanglewood park); get the Chinese Chicken Salad (SO good and enough for two meals); very kid-friendly.
  7. Hugo’s: get a reservation; bring your appetite because it is a buffet; great place to bring out of town guests; not very kid-friendly.



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