Running with Kids

Running with Kids Nike Babyjogger Tank TankTop Hat Trainers Sports Bra

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Running with two kids (together weighing over 40 pounds) is no joke, but a great workout.  When the weather is nice, I try to take our girls out running in the mornings on the weekends – it is the best way to spend time together, get fresh air and not go stir crazy in the house.  We love to sing along to toddler songs (Wheels on the Bus over and over and over again), count the trees and guess the names of dogs that we see.  After a significant amount of trial and error, I’ve discovered that our City Mini Double Jogging Stroller is the best option for the uneven dirt paths in Memorial Park, is easy to set up/collapse when dealing with two babies, and is a comfortable and shady ride for the girls.  I stick with basics for myself – a hat (always) and water bottle are key – and the girls generally wear their pajamas!


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