Pre-Holiday Fitness

Holiday Fitness Workout

The New Year always brings resolutions to prioritize one’s health and fitness.  But why wait until the new year?  Doesn’t it make more sense to move up that resolution to just before the holidays?  Sure, that means fewer hors d’oeuvres and indulgences over the next couple of weeks, but it also means come January 1, you won’t have such a big hill to climb.  To that end, I’m continuing with my Beachbody 21 Day Fix Extreme program, even while we are in the thick of holiday parties.  For the record, this post is not sponsored, I just really love the program!

I feel like I’ve done pretty much every exercise program there is, and the 21DFE program works well for me and my schedule at this stage of my life (I’d love to do Pure Barre classes a couple of times a week, but that just isn’t feasible with 2 kids).  On the program I exercise 5 days a week, drink a smoothie every day and eat a certain amount of carbs, protein, veggies, fruit, etc.  After typing that, it sounds like a lot more than it is.  I exercise in the morning before work (there are tons of videos so you’re never bored), drink a smoothie for breakfast (bonus – they are vegan), and eating the prescribed categories has become pretty much second nature at this point.

I haven’t necessarily lost a ton of weight, but that wasn’t my goal, I was more interested in getting in better shape and eating healthier.  I do feel much better and it is a bonus that my clothes fit just that much better.

And just like Bloggers, a lot of mums are coaches for Beachbody on the side.  I love that my improving my fitness also helps my friends, especially during the holiday season.  Support your friends’ side hustles, or if you don’t know a Beachbody coach, sign up with my amazing (ly fit) friend of 17 years, Adrienne here.





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