Vitamix Healthy Smoothie

Vitamix Healthy Smoothie

I am a self-proclaimed horrible cook.  I don’t enjoy cooking, set the smoke detector off all too often, and rarely receive compliments on the meals I do prepare (except from my 3-year old who tells me I am a good “cooker” when I make her noodles).  So I generally avoid splurging on anything kitchen-related.

But after getting hooked on smoothies during a recent clean-eating challenge, I decided to replace the tiny blender I had in law school with a Vitamix blender.

Vitamix is the gold-standard in blenders for good reason – it makes the smoothest, quietest (a big deal at our house where any loud noise induces shrieking and running around like crazy – generally all behaviours we try to avoid) and quickest smoothies.

I had sticker shock when shopping around, but given that I make a smoothie every day, I can justify the price.  Vitamix is in the midst of transitioning to a new technology, so I decided to go with the newer model so that future accessories will work with my base/motor.

Given my lack of cooking skills, I don’t follow a recipe when making my smoothies.  I generally just throw some ice, spinach, Malk, a banana, and either mixed berries, mixed fruit or coco powder and almond butter in the Vitamix.  The tamper is absolutely necessary to ensure that the smoothie has an entirely smooth consistency.  And I generally make a big smoothie before bed and fill my Yeti to put in the fridge so I can grab-and-go in the morning.



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