Designing Our Living Room

Living Room Design

We are in the midst of decorating our living room.  We’ve lived in our house for almost a year and a half, and while we do have furniture, I would absolutely say that our house is lacking in an overall design and polish.  We did a great job when we moved in selecting paint colours, floors, fixtures, etc., but I really ran out of steam and life got in the way of actually finishing decorating our home.  It is like we put in 85% of the effort, but need to give it that big final push to really complete our home.

To that end, we hired a designer who is open to working with us on our terms (read, we want to work with the furniture we have and buy accents here and there).  So I’ve been busy creating Pinterest Boards of looks I love, and scouring blogs (Pink Peonies, Ivory Lane, and Olive & Tate are some of my favourites) and designer sites (Sophie Patterson Interiors,  Martyn White DesignsRandi Garrett Designs, and Monica Hibbs, among others) trying to pin down our aesthetic.

I am leaning towards a very neutral, calm and modern yet traditional look, but of course everything must be functional.  That means we’ll be doing a lot of slip-covered upholstery and indoor/outdoor rugs.  I want to love our design, but I also accept our current stage in life.  We have made a ton of progress in the few short weeks we’ve been working, and I am so pleased with what we’ve achieved.  Next, we’ll turn our focus to decorating the bedroom.


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