Goal Setting

It is a universal truth that goal setting is easy, but persisting in working towards your goals can be a struggle.  So over the last six months or so, I’ve developed a new strategy.  Rather than setting lofty goals (thereby essentially ensuring failure), I establish one to two monthly goals.  It has been posited that it takes at least 30 days to form a new habit, so my monthly goals are habit-forming, and because I focus on a only one to two new goals each month, I am not overwhelmed by trying to revamp every area of my life.  Last month my goal was to do my “Whole40” for Lent (which obviously also covers half of April), and my April goal is to turn out the lights at 10pm.  I’ve been more successful with my food choices as compared to going to bed earlier.  But even though I’m not in bed by 10pm most nights, I am going to bed earlier and am mindful of starting to wind down earlier.  I consider that a success.

For May, I think I will focus on being present.  I tend to worry about work and my “to-do” lists, and I would like to work on being truly present, especially around my children (and hopefully I will have retained some of my healthy eating and sleeping habits).


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