Arthur Avenue // Review

arthur-avenuecoverThere is a street in the Bronx called Arthur Avenue that is lined with Italian restaurants.  N, a self-proclaimed Italian-American food connoisseur,  staunchly believes that Arthur Avenue in the Bronx has the best Italian-American food he’s ever tasted.  So when a hotly-anticipated Italian restaurant called Arthur Avenue opened in of all places, Houston, we had to determine whether it was as delicious as its namesake.

The verdict was that it was absolutely delectable.  The ambiance is warm and welcoming, the waitstaff knowledgeable, and the cocktails divine.  I’ve included below what we ordered, but the highlights were certainly (i) the Chicken Parmigiana – so enormous that N couldn’t finish (which is amazing in and of itself), (ii) the Daily Ravioli – such a good choice which I wish I’d made, definitely one of the most delicious things I’ve tasted in ages, and (iii) Apperol Spritz – perfect complemented the meal, and great way to cool off after a hot day.


We ordered: Starter: Caprese Salad, Meatballs, Focaccia; Mains: Chicken Parmigiana (x2), Daily Ravioi (mushroom with truffle sauce and walnuts), Cesar Salad; Dessert: Cannoli, Tiramisu; Drinks: Aperol Spritz.


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