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culture-kids-museum-mfah-fine-art-painting-v1When we lived in New York, one of my favorite activities was to walk through Central Park and explore the Met.  I loved visiting my old favorites (the European paintings) and experiencing the temporary exhibits.  So after a year in Chicago, where I did not spend nearly enough time at the Art Institute of Chicago as I had hoped, and two and a half years in Houston, I’ve recently made it a priority to seek out and experience art in Houston, as I would like my children to develop a love of the arts.  However, this is admittedly more difficult than before we became parents, but feasible nonetheless.  We joined the Museum of Fine Art of Houston and have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the permanent collection as well as the current Degas exhibition.  It helps that our two-year old is unabashedly obsessed with ballerinas, so she is always a good sport about visiting the museum (even if our visit is cut immeasurably short due to a meltdown).  What we’ve found is that, like the gym, having a membership makes us much more likely to frequent the museum – I feel no pressure to stay and “get our moneys worth” and love to pop in to say “hello” to the ballerinas if we in the Museum District.  If you haven’t been, I highly recommend visiting the MFAH – it isn’t the Met, but the Degas exhibit is wonderful.

Degas: A New Vision is on until January 16, 2017



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