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family-pictures-2Our family has professional pictures taken annually, generally in October so that we can use a current picture for our holiday card.  These pictures are certainly not “holiday” pictures in that we do not wear Christmas colors and the pictures are taken outside when it is well into the 90’s on many days in October in Houston.  So this past weekend when a photographer I follow had availability for a “mini” session on a day we didn’t have too much planned, we took our pictures.  I was initially skeptical about a “mini” session because we have professional pictures taken so infrequently that I really wanted a wonderful selection of images, but 20 minutes was perfect with a one and two-year old.

Last year we met our photographer at a local arboretum which provided a gorgeous natural backdrop, but to be honest, it was immensely hot and humid, there were enormous bugs, we had to schlepp all of our gear (including a chair we never used), and with her use of bokeh, we really could have been anywhere.  So this year, since our planning was somewhat last minute, we took our pictures in our backyard, and I cannot tell you what a difference it made.  We laid out a cream blanket with a navy blanket on top to give us options, had all of the girls’ favorite toys on hand, and easily offered drinks of water when it started getting sticky.

I wanted our pictures to be classic, relaxed and natural, and complementary not but not overly coordinated.  The girls wore matching teal dresses from their closets, and we skipped shoes for them since one shoe always seems to be missing.  I wore a navy frock, and N wore his standard  – a blue plaid Brookes Brothers button-down, khakis and driving moccasins.  I am so thrilled with how the pictures turned out and am already designing our holiday card.


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