Blogger Spotlight // Being Bridget

If there is one thing I want to teach my daughters, it is to be fearless.  I want them to grow up without trepidation and the knowledge that they can handle anything they encounter.  I love that Bridget is currently in Switzerland learning French.  She left her friends and her comfort zone to head to a new country to commit to learning a new language.  I admire that.  And I love her style.

Blogger Spotlight Being BridgetBeing Bridget‘s aesthetic is quite minimal – she favours subtle colours and classic elements like stripes and hints of gold.  But she also has a colourful, more playful side, that she executes flawlessly.  She exudes a French-girl chic with her tousled hair and barely-there make-up (is it a Swiss thing – another favourite of mine, Annie of She’s in the Glow, favours a similar bare-faced look).  She rocks both distressed denim and formal-wear alike, and her wedding dresses (yes, there were three) are absolutely stunning.  Each was so different but together they were impeccable.

Blogger Spotlight Being Bridget

I also love that Being Bridget doesn’t look like every other blogger.  She doesn’t do the big mermaid hair, wears minimal make-up, and doesn’t jump on the blogger bandwagons.
Blogger Spotlight Being Bridget

And she seems so happy.  Seriously – she smiles in almost every picture.  Not smirks, but full-on happy smiles in almost every picture.  We should start a movement of happy smiling – could you imagine what would happen?  Of course, Being Bridget is gorgeous (shes doesn’t need make-up, not that any of us really do) and has a model’s physique which together should make for good imagery, but she is just so darn happy!
Blogger Spotlight Being Bridget

Finally, I enjoy that Being Bridget re-wears clothes.  She mixes and matches her core basics (Louboutins, Stuart Weitzman Nudist sandals, and her Chelsea28 Clutch).  The combination of high fashion and high street labels consistently reimagined with different ensembles lends a level of credibility that is lacking in blogs that showcase expensive new shoes, handbags and clothing on a daily and weekly basis.


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