Blogger Spotlight || Design Darling

Blogger Spotlight Design Darling

I’ve been following Mackenzie of Design Darling since we both lived in NYC as 20-somethings.  I admired her boutique (and entrepreneurial spirit) and style.  When she moved to Dallas, I was thrilled to follow along with her decorating a new house and acclimating to the south, which I had done only a year or so earlier.  Now she is back in the northeast, no longer has her boutique (which sounded like an enormous amount of work), and is navigating newly-wed life.

Blogger Spotlight Design Darling

Our styles have become more similar over the years (I wear less black and more navy now), and Mackenzie has staunchly secured her place as one of my favourite bloggers.  Her wedding was absolutely gorgeous, and not cookie-cutter, and her honeymoon itinerary was to-die-for.

A couple of my favourite staples over the years have been purchased based on her recommendations (most recent here – seen on her here and here), and I am enjoying her trending towards a more traditional, classic aesthetic.  I can’t wait to see more from Mackenzie!

Blogger Spotlight Design Darling


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