Off-Season Bootie Shopping


Someone recently asked me why I was shopping for booties as temps warm up as I was explaining how I had purchased and returned more pairs of booties than I cared to remember in the eternal hunt to find the perfect pair.  Agreed.  But I feel like I’m always shopping off-season: bathing suits in the winter (although there are some v tempting new releases at J.Crew here, here and here), winter coats in the summer and boots in the spring.  Yes, styles change and if you shop off-season you won’t have the new “it” thing, but I generally don’t buy the new “it” thing anyways.  I prefer purchases that will the stand the test of the years, and I am ok not being on the cutting edge of what has just been released.  This year, I invested in a new pair of Rag & Bone booties.  Are they a new release?  No.  Has everyone seen them before (and maybe even had a pair)?  Yes.  But they are so comfortable, go with everything, and I will wear them for years to come.  Here are some other boot slash bootie options I’m currently loving!





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