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My hair is currently longer than it has ever been.  Not because I have some newly-discovered deep-seated love for long hair, but I just don’t have the option of visiting a hair salon for a couple of hours on a weeknight or a Saturday.  Plus, I don’t want to miss out on the time I do have with my children.

And to be completely frank, visiting the salon just isn’t high on my priority list right now.  But this means that I don’t have a “haircut.”  Sure, my mum has trimmed it a couple of times over the last couple of months, but that entails bluntly cutting off the horrible split ends I just couldn’t stand.

Remarkably, my hair is actually in pretty good shape, especially given the lack of care and attention it receives.  I attribute this partially to the hair brushes that I use – the Mason Pearson brush and the Wet brush.

I got the Mason Pearson brush for myself when I was pregnant with my older daughter and needed a little pick-me-up.  It is the perfect gift during pregnancy because so many beauty-related gifts contain ingredients that are either questionable or flat-out banned during pregnancy.

The Mason Pearson brush was a way that I could indulge myself in a little luxury without worrying whether my actions would affect my baby.  Full disclosure: to say that I had challenging pregnancies would be an understatement, so I was particularly sensitive to anything that could even potentially be considered a teratogen.

I still love to use my Mason Pearson brush daily.  I love the way it makes my hair feel, and (not at all scientifically) I attribute some of the healthy state of my hair to the Mason Pearson brush.  (Although part of me does recoil at the thought of how much I spent on the brush!)

And about a year ago I got my first Wet brush.  I’d seen them all over the internet but couldn’t understand what the hype was.  Like so few things, the Wet brush actually lives up to the hype.  And the best part is that it is generally less than $10 (take that, Mason Pearson brush).  Now that my hair is so long, the Wet brush is perfect for gently brushing out my hair when I get out of the shower.  Again, not at all scientific, but I think the gentle detangling also contributes to my hair being as healthy as it is.

Another benefit of the Wet brush is that it does wonders with my 3 year old’s hair.  Since she grew hair, it is a crazy rat’s nest when she get up – seriously, it is perfectly flat and shiny everywhere except for the back of her head where it looks like she rubbed her head back and forth on her pillow all night.  This has resulted in so, so, so many battles to get her hair brushed and presentable.

I was initially using a wet hair comb, but once I started using the Wet brush on her, the entire process became remarkably got easier.  Now she asks for “Mama’s brush,” and we make a point to go and brush her hair in the master bathroom (not sure how that part contributes to the process, but apparently it does!).

Highly recommend both the Mason Pearson brush and the Wet brush!





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