Classic Summer Dress

classic summer dress

Sail to Sable classic summer dresses have been on my radar for a couple of years  (see herehere and here).  But since I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone actually wear the brand in person.  And I had never come across it in a brick and mortar store.  And I am generally somewhat wary of a one-off brand’s return policy (think, paying for return shipping, etc.).

Then my mum found a Sail to Sable classic summer dress at Nordstrom Rack.  We were looking for something for her to wear to my sister’s rehearsal lunch last year and the tunic was perfect.  The quality was so good, the cut adorable, and the color was so flattering for my mum’s colour.  Although she didn’t wear it for the rehearsal lunch, she did follow my advice and bought it!

Last weekend, I spent too long on a frustrating Saturday morning trying to decide what to wear for a day of fun with the family.  So I recently took the plunge and ordered some Sail to Sable classic summer dresses.  I need versatility and comfort, especially in the Houston heat, but I also refuse to just “give up” and dress like a “mum.”  I am happiest when I can do everything with my children.  Crouching down, carrying (children, diaper bags, purses, etc.), and running around – but still feel like I look like myself.

As a side note, I have little to no time to decide what to wear before a day out with the fam.  I’m generally packing diaper bags, snacks, extra milk, etc., so being able to quickly throw on something that I am happy with is a big deal to me.

I love that the Sail to Sable tunic dresses are classic but not too preppy, suited to any age (30’s to 60’s), well-made and reasonably priced (I have to be okay with tossing anything I wear these days because there is a very real possibility it may get ruined and I don’t want to be heartbroken).

I have the white/beige accent sleeveless shift and navy/geranium blue sleeveless shift. While I haven’t tried anything but the classic summer dress, I will definitely be branching out from their core silhouette.


Image (check out @teggyfrench on instagram – adorable!)


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