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Millie Mackintosh Style

It is no secret that I love all things British (see here and here … Wentworth is in fact IN England).  So when I discovered Made in Chelsea, I was totally and completely hooked (and shocked I hadn’t started watching years earlier).  Undoubtedly my favourite character (and I say character because they all are) is Millie Mackintosh.  She has a dry wit, calls it like she sees it and has an amazing style.  I love that she infuses her English rose-like feminine aesthetic with a tough edge, and she easily transitions from countryside classic to London nightclub in the blink of an eye (ahh, the magic of “reality” television).  It doesn’t hurt that she is rail thin, has legs for days and one of the shiniest heads of hair.  Plus, the poshest of accents.

Admittedly, my life could almost not be more different from hers (Houston vs. London, socialite vs. pleb, childless vs. ravaged by 2 toddlers), but I’m channeling my inner Millie Mackintosh today in my high booties, skinny jeans, slouchy turtleneck and oversized sunglasses.  After work, I’m not going round the pub with my girls though, I’m going round the school to pick up my girls.

I can’t wait to see what shenanigans Millie Mackintosh and her friends (they weirdly feel like my friends?!?) get up to tonight … read, I’m going to binge watch MIC after I put my kids to bed as early as they will tolerate ha.



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