5 Ways to Elevate Your Style

5 Ways to Elevate Your Style Elevate Style

One thing I promised myself when I started Wentworth Way in 2015 (beyond an attempt to elevate style) was that I always wanted it to be an enjoyable experience for me – creating content should never be a major source of stress and if it became so, I would move on.  But over the years (gah – how can it really be that long?!?), WW has morphed into a reflection of my interests (and family – Hi, Georgie!) and what I think about/love/search for on a daily basis.  My favourite blog posts are those that are natural extensions of my daily life, and this is one of those posts.  The genesis of this blog post was a conversation I had with my better half (sister, not husband … sorry N) on the way to work yesterday: How can we elevate our personal style?

Oftentimes, I find a dress I love from J.Crew, a top from Cuyana, a sweater from Everlane, a buttondown from J.McLaughlin, and a shirt from Tuckernuck.  And when everything arrives and I put it together it just doesn’t look *right.*  I’m all for mixing styles (high and low, seasons, patterns, etc.), but there has to be some sense of cohesion, and I fail in that regard when I make purchases haphazardly.

So the approach SM and I discussed consisted of these five items:

  1. Aspriational Style:  Identify your style aspiration (mine is here) and ask yourself before each and every purchase whether it fits with your aspirational style.  If it does not, keep your credit card in your wallet.
  2. Know Your Figure:  Since having two children, I am not in peak physical condition.  This means that I generally try to avoid too many ruffles or accents that add extra volume (read boxy cuts, bell sleeves, etc.).  Flattering clothes give me such self-confidence, and I always feel *off* when I don’t feel my best in my clothes.
  3. Expense It:  Invest in more expensive clothing (rather than that trendy top that is on sale but isn’t 100% my style – come on, we’ve all done it!).
  4. Elevated Accessories:  Focus on how accessories can elevate a mediocre outfit to an amazing look.  Invest in your accessories, especially since (as well know) the per wear cost can be brought down by more frequent use (which you’ll do if you really love the accessories – think that Neverfull that you had have years ago and use almost every day, etc.)
  5. Marie Kondo:  The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is one of my all-time favourite books, and I wholeheartedly embrace Marie Kondo’s approach of getting rid of everything that  does not spark joy.  My one exception is those staple pieces that don’t necessarily spark joy but that you know you will get so much use out of (think those standard black skinny jeans that you could wear to almost any casual to fancier event – they don’t spark joy, but you know you’ll wear them a ton).

How do you elevate your style?


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