Wednesday Wishlist

I always have an ongoing wishlist (here in my ” Wednesday Wishlist “) which I am constantly updating and revising.  I absolutely do not buy everything on my wishlist (because we would be broke and I don’t have the closet space to store everything), but in an ideal world, I’d have unlimited funds, space and events to get dressed up for.

My wishlist generally contains some attainable items and some dream pieces and some other things that while attainable, are just absolutely not appropriate for my life (read, going to the office, being around my children, etc.).  Some weeks or months I dream more about interior design purchases, and other times clothes, shoes and handbags.  Well, let’s be honest, I’m always dreaming about handbags.

This week my mind is still filled with summery pieces that would be perfect as the season continues strong here in Houston.  I’m still not focusing on autumn by any stretch of the imagination, regardless of how many blog posts I read featuring fall looks.  Ideally, my life right now would be filled with easy, flowing dresses, high espadrilles, and crisp blues and whites.  In reality, I’m wearing a blazer, a shift dress and pumps in my office today.

With high temps continuing in Texas well beyond the time they would begin to drop in the northeast, the latter half of summer is a great time to make the most of sales and pick up some basics that I can continue to wear for a couple of months.  In particular, this week I bought some bathing suits from J.Crew, and some flowing summer tops and CC cream from Nordstrom (not on sale but certainly a good purchase to avoid the sun).

I also, completely randomly, bought this new winter coat.  I really wanted a grey coat and this style sells out year after year.  I’m on the fence about whether I’ll keep it … it may be one of those purchases that in a couple of months I’ll be so happy I made!


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